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              On the 12th of February  2020, dr Adam Świątek - a representative of State University of Applied Sciences in Konin, led workshops with students from our school (class 1Fg, 2G)
               We enjoyed the classes a lot. First, we were asked questions about our dream trips. Many of us wanted to go to the USA or Spain, some of us preferred more basic places, only a few chose more extreme, tropical places like Kenia in Africa. Dr Adam Świątek told us about his dream  visit to  New York  to experience "American dream". When everybody was asked the questions about our dream destinations, he showed us pictures of some places and asked if we would like to go there and why? In the first picture we could see colorful old buildings. As I remember nobody wanted to go there. Someone said it looked like Wrocław, and it turned out to be true. ‘Our leader”  was very positive and funny all the time. He showed us the picture of the Russian landscape covered in snow, with iced cars. It turned out that many people in my class would prefer to go there than on the Maldives island. In the meantime he told us about his next dream destination which is Chernobyl. Then he asked us about other places like the Patagonia mountains in Chile that look very similar to our Polish Morskie Oko or the Garden by the Bay in Singapore or Dubai. Due to technical problems we had to postpone the Kahoot game. After trying to fix it dr Świątek decided to continue the lesson and try again . He gave us some tests about Dubai and Singapore, then played us a video from YouTube and helped us perform the tasks. It was very interesting and educating. After checking our answers we successfully  played the game of Kahoot, which turned out to be very difficult.

Igor Joński 2g

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